if it hurts to breath, you're probably dying.

I'm Paris. I live in a shitty little town called Launceston on a big chunk of rock and forest called Tasmania. I have so much fun though.
Casual artist / Musician / Exorcist

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

(the mighty boosh, daria, adventure time, anything studio ghibli, metalocalypse, romper stomper/this is england/skin/entry through the gift shop), the grates, gorillaz, charnel house, the smith street band, luca brasi, la dispute, the wombats, the black keys, misfits, nirvana, the ramones, ruin of gaia, northlane, house vs hurricane, whisperers, the smiths, the kooks, the middle east, death cab for cutie, the beards, florence and the machine, arctic monkeys, the white stripes, mumford and sons, deadmau5, crystal castles, tyler the creator, radiohead, queens of the stoneage, magic dirt, queen, the cure, sonic youth, the doors, alice in chains, nick cave, the smashing pumpkins, violent femmes, anti-flag, sigor ros, jimmy hendrix, black flag, red hot chili peppers, descendents, basement, tool, elbow, new order, the sex pistols, iggy pop, muse, architecture in helsinki and so many more. • destroy me. i dare you.
fickle hearts and woozy eyes.